Contact me and we will work out something reasonable for both ends. I will make your programmed drums sound more interesting and 'produce' your band to the best of my abilities. I'll have recommendations, but in the end it is up to the band to decide what is used in the final product.

Tracking on your own:

I accept recordings that were done on your own to save studio/travel time, but with this method there are some things to consider. When tracking DI files:

  1. Make sure the guitar is ALWAYS in tune with new strings (and fresh battery if you have active pickups).
  2. Pick aggressively with guitars and bass without having too much pitch variation.
  3. Track one part at a time and evaluate how cleanly the guitars are tracked - move on to next section.
  4. Listen to the song with each guitar solo'd with the drums. Is it as on-time and clean as possible?

Need a free amp sim to track with? Download these! http://lepouplugins.blogspot.com/